Broward Transformation



an end to hurt

one life at a time!


The Broward Transformation Center's (BTC) OneStop  outreach program serves the people in out community in four ways: physically, economically, emotionally and spiritually. Our mission is to restore individuals and families to productive and independent living through the leveraging of our robust network of clinical practitioners, food banks, community organizers, etc. The OneStop program also serves as a resource where our partners can make a difference in the livers of other by committing their time, resources and talents.  

To those we serve, we are a starting place on the path to measurable restoration through Christ. By meeting the direct and indirect needs of our community we become a place where they find hope. This fundamental way of building relationships allows us to assist our patrons in living healthier, more sustainable lives, as they are encourage to grow.


We believe that we are mandated to build bridges of hope by serving communities as a OneStop solution for essential services such as:

  • Distribution of Tangible Resources: Clothing, food, school supplies, etc.
  • Clinical & Spritiual Counseling: Children, families, substance abuse, depression, etc.
  • Medical Assistance: Vaccinations, health screening, outpatient services, etc.
  • Community Re-Development: Painting, sustainable food planting, landscaping, etc.
  • Community Events: Seasonal gatherings, socials, youth activity, etc.

                                                        Our Objectives & Process

BTC's OneStop Program serves the community as a resource by implementing grassroot efforts to bring resources within reach of the people. BTC implements an established process to ensure both short and long term success.

Seven Stage Process:

1. Establish Sense of Urgency: BTC identifies and discusses crisis, potential crisis or major opportunities.

2. Forming Powerful Coalitions: BTC Assembles a group with enough power to lead the transformation efforts. We encourage groups from all
    backgrounds and disciplines to work together as a team.

3. Creating the Vision: BTC creates a vision and helps direct the change effort.

4. Communicating the Vision: BTC uses every available vehicle to communicate the vision and strategies; the BTC subsequently teaches new
    behaviors by the example of the guiding coalition.

5. Empowering Other to Achieve the Vision: BTC empowers the community to navigate through potential obstacles and address 
    systems/structures that seriously undermine the vision.

6. Establishing Benchmarks: BTC sets clear and measurable goals to identify success makers.

7. Institutionalizing Innovative Approaches: BTC articulates the connections between new behaviors and social changes then develops the means to 

   ensure leadership development and sustainability.

Areas of

The Outreach Services Team coordinates free screening in the community and promotes health and wellness educational programs. Many of these programs and services are offered at locations such as:

  • Community Events
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Community-Based Organization
  • Childcare and Senior Centers
  • Faith-Based Organizations