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Overview of Purposed Kids

Purposed Kids is a multifaceted program developed to facilitate healing and the full empowerment of children who have suffered from abuse and neglect. We focus on empowering children by providing a multitude of opportunities and assisting them in recognizing the mighty purpose God has seeded in them, although they've suffered traumatic experiences. Partnering with solid like-minded organizations we’ve created the opportunity to maximize our reach as an extension of God's mighty love.

Child Advocacy

An intervention program dedicated to helping children and adolescents who have been subjected to various types of abuse or neglect. Partnering with local community organizations as well as Christian child counseling organizations, we focus on the healing process and clarity in vision of who they truly are, independent of past experiences or possibly who someone said they were but in who God has purposed them to be. 

Transitional Residences

Our residency program partners with other like-minded community organizations to provide safe short term and long term homes for kids in the midst of crisis. We are intentional with our strategies, seizing each opportunity to demonstrate God's love. 


Our mentoring program is an atmosphere created to expose the opportunities and possibilities available in the workforce or as an entrepreneur . The program encompasses a select group of community leaders and professionals who invest in the program, dedicating their time, expertise and resources making what's considered impossible become possible. Knowledge and opportunity can make a dream become reality to a child who may have stopped dreaming. 

The Facts: Over 510,000 American children are in foster care with as many as 1.6 million youth experience homelessness each year. (American Institutes For Research)

What we offer

Make A Difference

No matter how big or small the need as extensions of Christ here on Earth we are empowered through the GOD to makes all things possible. Please  reach out if you want Make a Difference.